Why Engine2Repair?

Engine2Repair is the best address for repairs, maintenance and trade of technical components for the worldwide shipping industry, offshore installations, factories and electric power stations. What do you prefer? Occasionally enjoying the view or staying below in the engine room? Our service department offers services all over the world for most diesel engines, engine parts for ships, boats and dredgers. We are specialized in overhauls and repairs to the main propulsion of marine engines with a diesel engine and supporting marine generators.

We offer:

  • Repairs for diesel engines of ships, boats, dredgers, generators, pumps and other marine and industrial applications
  • Engine parts for most large diesel engines and generators
  • Engine inspections & analysis
  • Repairs and overhauls on the spot or in our workshop
  • Well qualified service engineers and authorized technicians
  • Engine inspections & analysis 24 hours a day/365 days a year
  • OEM, aftermarket & hard-to-find parts
  • Remanufactured/rebuilt engine parts
  • Competitive rates
  • Our own delivery service
  • Free offers

Our speciality

EPM-XC System

The EPM-XC system is a computerized instrument for reliable and accurate evaluations of the performances of two- and four-stroke diesel engines and gas engines in on- or off-line mode.


The EPM-XC analyzer is mainly used for investigating the burning process of diesel engines. In this way the user gets a better insight into the inefficient working of the engine or cylinder wear. This information helps the service engineers to optimize the performances of diesel engines and to plan the maintenance at an early stage before parts are worn-out. In this way valuable time is saved and it prevents the unnecessary long halt of engines and/or ships.