Analysis & Inspections

All you need for an extensive engine diagnosis is located in this robust suitcase and ready to use anytime.

The EPM-XC system is a computerized tool for reliable and precise combustion performance evaluation on two and four stroke diesel and gas engines. in On or Offline mode. It evaluates the cylinder pressure information which is the fundamental variable that determines a combustion engine's operating state. The cylinder pressure data is acquired. It is most effectively used as an engine monitoring and control parameter.

A unique long life cylinder pressure sensor type : HTT04 is mounted on the indicator cock on diesel engines for measurements and then moved from one cylinder to another in order to complete measurements on all cylinders. The HTT04 sensor has been designed for long term, continuous operation at up to 300 bar and 300°C, with an accuracy of 0,5 % and independent of Sensor operating temperature.

The EPM-XC analyzer can calculate specific com bustion parameters at on or offline mode. During online mode the EPM-XC is connected via USB port to a personal computer and the visualization software monitores online pressure curve, Pmax and knock number of a selected cylinder. During offline mode the EPM-XC can measure up to 1500 combustion cycles of each cylinder. From this information the system picks the maximum and minimum readings and calculates the mean and average deviation for the measurements. Stored measurements at the EPM-XC unit can be downloaded via USB interface to any PC where the analysing visualization software has been installed.