Marine diesel engines

Marine diesel engines

In the past years, Engine2Repair has developed into a leading company when it comes to repair, overhaul and maintenance of marine diesel engines. We work for both shipping companies as Captain-owners. We repair, overhaul and maintain almost all marine diesel engines. Our service technicians have the right know-how and work with the most modern techniques and analysis equipment to quickly to make an analysis of the problem but also to that problem to solve quickly and professionally.

This prevents that a ship unnecessary long has to stay in a harbour.


Engine Parts need not always more to be discarded, often they can be overhauled. Engine2Repair tries to overhaul the parts, when possible on board of the ship and sometimes happened that in our workshop.

Our specialists

Our technicians are true professionals and have gained a lot of knowledge over the years in the field of marine diesel engines and generators.

Specialist in: 


Other engines

Ruston, Lister, Crepelle, Cummins, Caterpillar, Nohabpolar, MWM, Scania, MTU, Volvo, Hatz, ABC, G.M., Ford, Mitsubishi, Detroit, SKL, Yanmar, Bauduoin,  Valmet.

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