In our warehouse in Delfzijl we have a wide range of common elements of various diesel engines. Because we have our own delivery service, we can almost immediately send a defective component part. This will save precious time.

Storage spareparts

More and more owners are finding us when it comes to the storage of spare parts. Owners can log into our specially developed database. Here they can see exactly if and where a spare part is . Engine2Repair ensures that the part get on to your ship and overhauled the old part or replace it. Because of this we ensure that you do not have to wait unnecessarily long and that we always have our stock of spare parts in order. It is also possible to create your own items in our store. This saves you a lot of space on board. 

We have a large number of parts of diesel engines, both new and spare parts for the following brands:


Other engines:

Ruston, Lister, Crepelle, Cummins, Caterpillar, Nohabpolar, MWM, Scania, MTU, Volvo, Hatz, ABC, G.M., Ford, Mitsubishi, Detroit, SKL, Yanmar, Bauduoin,  Valmet. 

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